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Blinded By Shit

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Blinded By Shit

There was an old lady
I'd have you to know
Who went up to London
A short time ago.
She liked it quite well
nd she thought she would stay,
The neighbors were tickled
When she went away.

cho: Singing Brown, Brown
     Dirty Old Brown.

Now when this old lady
Retired for the night
She said, "Oh gor blimey
I believe I must shit."
There's no use in talking
About things that have past
So up went the window
And out went her ass.

There was an old watchman
Who chancrd to pass by,
Looked up, got a chunk of shit
Right square in the eye.
He put up his hand
To se where he was hit,
He says,"Oh gor blimey
I'm blinded with shit!"

Now this poor watchman
Was blinded for life.
He had five healthy children
And a fine fucking wife.
On a London street corner
You may now see him sit
With a sign on his chest
Reading, "Blinded with shit."

From Erotic Muse, Cray

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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