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Blink Over the Burn, Sweet Betty

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Blink Over the Burn, Sweet Betty

Blink over the burn sweet Betty,
 It is a cauld winter night;
It rains, it hails, it thunders,
 The moon she gies nae light:
It's a' for the sake o' sweet Betty,
 That ever I tint my way;
Sweet, let me lie beyond thee
 Until it be break o'day.

O, Betty will bake my bread,
 And Betty will brew my ale
And Betty will be my love,
 When I come over the dale:
Blink over the burn, sweet Betty,
 Blink over the burn to ine,
And while I hae life dear lassie,
 My ain sweet Betty thou's be.
Recalled by Robert Burns as two verses of "old words"

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