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Blood on the Saddle

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Blood on the Saddle

There was blood on the saddle, blood all around
And a great big puddle of blood on the ground

The cowboy lay in it, all covered with gore
He'll never ride tall in the saddle no more

Oh pity the cowboy, all bloody and dead
A bronco fell on him and mashed in his head

Note: Nowadays, this is usually exaggerated for laughs. In 1827, Motherwell
published a pem called "Halbert the Grim" suggested by description of Hell
written by Matthew Paris in the early 13th century. The poem started:

There is blood on that brow,
There is blood on that hand,
There is blood on that hauberk
And blood on that brand

Oh! bloody all over
In his war cloak, I weet
And he's wrapped in the cover
Of murder's red sheet

 Recorded by Tony Kraber in the dark ages (Folkway or Stimson, I
 think...RG) ; also Tex Ritter


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