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Blow the Man Down (3)

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Blow the Man Down (3)

A ship was becalmed on a tropical sea.
Away, away, blow the man down,
For three long weeks no wind had she.
Oh, give us some time to blow the man down,

cho: Blow the man down, bullies, blow the man down,
     Heave away, away, blow the man down.
     For three long weeks no wind had she.
     Oh, give us some time to blow the man do@n.

The wheel had been lashed; all the crew were asleep.
The skipper (stood) watch and (and did the) deck keep

Her canvas hung limply from not being fed.
Had no strength to carry the vessel ahead.

The skipper leaned over the poop afterrail.
He wished that a fair wind was filling his sail.

He prayed to King Neptune, the ruler of seas.
He prayed to King Neptune to send him a breeze.

A porpoise appeared with a kink in his tail.
He looked at the skipper and winked at the sail,

It then disappeared and a whale took his place.
It spouted and seerned to be eager to race.

The flying fish soared as though offering aid.
The skipper believed, and was glad he had prayed.

The Captain could hardly his senses believe.
Such an answer so soon he'd not thought to receive.

But he roused and he called all the hands out on deck.
For on the horizon appeared a black speck.

From Folk Songs Out of Wisconsin, Peters
Collected from Noble Brown, Millville, WI 1946


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