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Rob 'em All (NAAFI)

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Rob 'em All (NAAFI)

We are the NAAFI girls, warriors all
Heavily laden with ill-gotten gains
We came here to do, not to die.
Once we were honest, but those days are gone
The NAAFI has been our downfall;
We'll get no promotion this side of the ocean
Lets make what we can --- rob 'em all!

cho: Rob 'em all, rob 'em all
     The long and the short and the tall,
     Rob every sergeant and WO/1
     Rob every corporal, show favour to none
     Oh, we'll rob every private in call.
     We'd even rob General de Gaulle
     Our graft's systematic and quite democratic
     Show favour to none, rob 'em all.

We came out to Egypt to sell cups of tea
To charge half an acker's a shame,
There's some like it strong and there's some like it weak
But they all get it served up the same.
We're free with hot water, but tight with the tea
The mixture's too feeble to crawl.
We always rake off it at least half the profit
Show favour to none, rob 'em all.

Our rissoles are famous from Cairo to Cape
We serve them from morning to night;
We serve them to servicemen serving abroad
If they eat them it just serves them right.
We serve them with vigor, we serve them with vim
We serve them with might and with main;
Then we scrape up the drips of the rissoles and chips
And we hash 'em and serve 'em again.

From Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant-Major, (Author Unknown to RG)
Note: reportedly refers to girls behind the counter in the NAAFI
accounts department during WWII, Ismaila, near the Suez Canal.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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