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Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk

Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk

I'll go and I'll get blue bleezing blind drunk
Just to give Mickey a warning
And just for to spite I will stay out all night
And come rolling home drunk in the morning

Now friends, I have a sad story
A very sad story to tell
I married a man for his money
And he's worse than the devil himself

For when Mickey comes home in the evening
He batters me all black and blue
He knocks me about from the kitchen
From the bedroom right through to the room

For of whiskey I ne'er was a lover
But what can a poor woman do
I'll go and I'll drown all my sorrows
But I wish I could drown Mickey too

Recorded by Sheila Stewart (Stewarts of Blair)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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