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Blue Hairs Drivin' in My Lane

Blue Hairs Drivin' in My Lane
(Pinkard and Bowden)
Based on Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain by Fred Rose

INTRO: (Spoken)
Well, we'd like to do a kind of a tribute song, now
This is a tribute to all them sweet, little old ladies
"God Love 'em."
That drive around in front of you all the time
On the streets of Nashville, or wherever you may live.

In the taillight's glow I see 'em
(What do we call 'em, Sandy?)
Blue Hairs Drivin' In My Lane
When she hit me and departed
I knew there'd be no insurance claim
Lucky I'm a paid-up member
Here comes good old Triple-A
From the tow-truck I remember
Blue Hairs Drivin' In My Lane.

Let's hit it- (Inst.)
Richard, that's nice, but it don't sound like Willie Nelson
Well, man, I'm sorry, I can't play like Willie, you know that
Let's give "Rugged" Robb a chance.
Take it Rob.
I'd be ashamed to. (imitates Willie Nelson on guitar)
Sounds a lot like Willie Nelson
Boy, that really sounds like Willie.

Someday on the streets up yonder
They'll be no-o Chevrolets
In a land that knows no parking
And no more Blue Hairs Drivin' In My Lane.

Copyright 1984 Warner Brothers Records, Inc. LP1-250-57

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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