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The Bluenose

The Bluenose
(Michael Stanbury)

Now, I've got a story to tell
Of a ship that served her people well.
Well The Bluenose was her name
And she never lost a race.
She won herself a place
In the history of Canada.
Blow, winds, blow,
For The Bluenose is sailing once again.

cho: Beat to the windward once more,
     And up, sheath the fors'l as before,
     For your country will be proud once again
     Of the ship and the men,
     Who sail her smartly into victory,
     `Blow, winds, blow,
     For the Bluenose is sailing once again.

Built in a Nova Scotia town
Where the shipwrights had earned the world's renown.
Down in Lunenburg they built
A living legend out of skill sweat and pride.
And the sailed her masterfully
'Til she died.
Blow, winds, blow, for The Bluenose is sailing once again.

Chorus (2x), (second time: last line 3x)

Copyright Michael Stanbury

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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