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Blue-Eyed Lover

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Blue-Eyed Lover

O, once I had a blue-eyed lover,
Once he thought this world of me;
Until one day he found some other,
Then his love was not on Ine.

You take this ring from off your finger
And that locket from round my neck;
You'll give it to the one you fancy
Give it to the one you love.

O, once I was on my bed of hap'ness,
Now I'm on my bed of sad;
But when you meet my blue-eyed baby
Then you'll want me back again.

O, can't I see those hills and valley
Can't I see those mountains stand?
Can't I see the sea a-tossing
Where my thyme it used to roam.

Well, all alone, O all alone,
By the seasides he left me;
Many happy hour with thee I've spent,
All this tilne I'm left a widow
At the cottage near the sea. (repeat this verse)

From Travellers' Songs, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from Caroline Hughes



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