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Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain
(F.W. Keller)

My home it was in Texas
My past you must not know
I seek a refuge from the law
Where the sage and pinon grow

cho: Blue Mountain, you're azure deep
     Blue Mountain with sides so steep
     Blue Mountain with horse head on your side
     You have won my heart to keep

For the brand "LC" I ride
And the sleeper calves on the side
I'll own the "Hip-Side-and-Shoulder" when I grow older
Zapitaro, don't tan my hide

I chum with Latigo Gordon
I drink at the Blue Goose Saloon
I dance at night with the Mormon girls
And ride home beneath the moon

I trade at Mons' store
With bullet holes in the door
His calico treasure my horse can measure
When I'm drunk and feeling sore

Yarn Gallus with shortened lope
Doc Few-Clothes without any soap
In the little green valley have made their sally
And for Slicks there's still some hope

In the summer time it's fine
In the winter teh wind doth whine
But say, dear brother, if you want a mother
There's Ev on the old chuck line

From Austin and Alta Fife, Cowboy and Western Songs

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