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We're Bound for San Diego

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We're Bound for San Diego

In that town called San Diego when the workers try to talk,
The cops will smash them with a sap and tell them "take a walk",
They 'throw them in a bull pen and they feed them rot-ten beans,
And they call that "law and order" in that city, so it seems

So we're bound for San Diego,_ you'd better join us now
If they don't quit, you bet your life, There'll be an awful row,
We're comin' by the hundred, we'll be joined by hundreds more,
So join at once and let then see the workers are all sore.

They're clubbing fellow working men who dare their thoughts express,
And if old Otis has his way there's sure to be a mess.
So swell this army, working men, and show them what we'll do
When all the sons of toil unite in one big union true.

We have put the town of Aberdeen with others on our map;
And the brass bound thugs of all of them were handy with the "sap".
But the IWW's are boys who have no fears,
And we'll whip old San Diego if it takes us twenty years.

(IWW Song Book 1912)

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