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The Banks Are Made of Marble

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The Banks Are Made of Marble
(Les Rice)

I've traveled 'round this country.
From shore to shining shore;
It really made me wonder
The things I heard and saw.

cho: But the banks are made of marble,
     With a guard at every door,
     And the vaults are stuffed with silver
     That the  worker* sweated for.

I saw the weary farmer,
Plowing sod and loam;
l heard the auction hammer
A-knocking down his home.

l saw the seaman standing
Idly by the shore,
l heard the bosses saying,
"Got no work for you no more."

I saw the weary miner
Scrubbing coal dust from his back,
I heard his children cryin,'
"Got no coal to heat the shack."

I've seen my brothers working
Throughout this mighty land,
l prayed we'd get together
And together make a stand.

Final Chorus:
     Then we'd own those banks of marble
     With a guard at every door
     And we'd share those vaults of silver
     That we have sweated for!
*change to fit verse
Copyright 1950 by Stormking Music Inc.]

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