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Bold Archer

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Bold Archer

It was all in the month of June
Just as the flowers were in full bloom,
A castle was built upon Kensal Green
All for to put bold Archer in.

O, now our brother in prison do lay
Condemned to die is he
If I had eleven such brothers as he
It's soon the poor prisoner I'd set free.

Eleven, says Richard, is little enough
Full forty there must be;
The chain and the bars will have to be broke
Before Bold Archer you can set free.

Now ten for to stand by our horses' reins
And ten for to guard us round about,
And ten for to stand by the castle door
And ten for to bring bold Archer out.

Now Dickie broke locks and Dickie broke bars
Dickie broke everything he could see
He took bold Archer under his arm
And carried him off most manfully.

They mounted their horses, away they did ride
Archie, he mounted his horse likewise.
They rode till they came to their family
And there they dismounted bold and free.

And there they ordered the music to play
It played so sweet and joyfully
And the very first dancer among them all
Was bold Archer, whom they set free.

CHild #188
From Singing Tradition of the Popular Child Ballads, Bronson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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