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Come All You Bold Britons

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Come All You Bold Britons

Come all you Bold Britons where ever you may dwell,
Come listen unto me and a story I will tell,
Great crops of corn our Lord does send, where there is one farm there might
be ten,
And then more cows there might be kept - in old England.

Come all you bold statesmen that are of high renown,
Before the times get better rates and taxes must go down,
Let every farmer hear my thrive and to the poor some milk might give,
And that's the way we ought to live - in old England.

Oh, yonder shines Phoebe see how she shines so clear,
She will nobly rise and set, my boys, each day throughout the year,
And shiny nights they are so gay, both rents and taxes we must pay,
Or else find out some better ways - in old England.

Now some they do say we are made of mortal clay,
While others they do say we were born but yesterday.
But look into old Adam and Eve and in the scriptures you will read,
That we are all one flesh and blood - in old England.

Come all you bold heroes and God speed the plough,
I hope we shall see better times soon in old England now,
And in due time when mercy call all for the riches great and small,
That death will come and seize us all - in old England.

From singing of the Copper Family

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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