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Bold Fisherman

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Bold Fisherman

C G7 C / G7 / F C G7 C / F C G7 C

There was a bold fisherman who sailed out from Pimlico
To slew the wild codfish and the bold mackerel.
When he arrived off Pimlico, the stormy winds did wildly blow
His little boat went wibble, wobble, and over board sprang he.

     G7 C G7 / G7 C /

     Twinki doodle dum, twinki doodle dum, twas the highly

interesting song he sung.
     Twinki doodle dum, twinki doodle dum sang the bold fisherman.

He wriggled and scriggled in the water, so briny-O.
He yellowed and bellowed for help but in vain.
Then downward he did gently glide to the bottom of the silvery tide;
But previously to this he cried: "Fare the well Mar-i-Jane."

     Singing: . . .

His ghost walked at midnight to the bedside of his Mar-i-Jane
He told her how dead he was; said she: "I'll go mad."
"Since my love he is so dead," said she, "All joy on earth has fled
     for me."
"I never more will happy be.", and she went raving mad.

     Singing: . . .


Sung by Humphrey Bogart, deadpan, in "The African Queen".

Words and music in 101+5 Folk Songs for Camp, page 54.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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