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Bold Privateer

Bold Privateer

1.  "Oh Mary, darling Mary, since you and I must part,
     I'm going to cross the ocean and leave with you my heart;
     Since you are the mistress of ten thousand pounds a year
     I must venture my life on board of the bold privateer."

2.  "Oh, Willie, darling Willie, stay at home if you can,
    Many a man has lost his life since this cruel war began.
    Stay at home, dear Willie, with the girl who loves you dear
    Do not venture your life on board of the bold privateer."

3.  "Your father and your mother both owe me a great spite,
    Likewise your brother has threatened my life.
    I'm in hopes that soon from their anger I'll get clear
    If I once set my foot on board of the bold privateer."

4.  "Oh, Mary, darling Mary, ten thousand times adieu
    Our good ship lies at anchor will all her jolly crew,
    We'll run up our colours till our purpose we make clear
    We will soon let them know that we are the bold privateer.

5.  And now this war is over and God has spared our lives,
    Some men are returning to their sweethearts and their wives,
    But I am returning to the arms of my dear
    For I ventured my life on board of the bold privateer."

DT #486
Laws O32

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