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Boney was a warrior
     Away, a- yah!
A warrior and a tarrier
     John Franswor!

Boney fought the Roo-shi-ans
The Rooshians and the Proo-shi-ans.

Moscow was a-blazing
And Boney was a-raging.

Boney went to Elbow
Boney he came back again.

Boney went to Waterloo
There he got his overthrow.

Then they took him off again
Aboard the Billy Ruffian.

Boney broke his heart and died
Away in Saint A-lee-ay-na

Give her the t'gan's'ls
Its a weary way to Baltimore.

Drive her, Cap'n, drive her
And bust the chafing leather.

Short drag chanty. This version From Colcord, Songs of American
     Sailormen. Elbow = Elba; Billy Ruffian = H.M.S. Bellerophon;
     t'gan's'ls = topgallantsails; A-lee-ay-na = Helena
Recorded by John and Lucy Allison

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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