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Bonny Light Horseman (4)

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Bonny Light Horseman (4)

Ye wise maids and widows, I pray give attention
Unto these few lines I'm now going to mention
Our maid in distraction, I'm now going to wander
She relies upon George for the loss of her lover

cho: Broken-hearted I'll wander for the loss of my lover
My bonny light horseman was slain in the war.

Three years and six months since he left England's shore,
My bonny light horseman I'll never see more.
When he mounted on horseback so gallant and brave,
And among the whole regiment respected he was.

There does she lament for the loss of her mate,
"Oh, where will I wander, my true love ! " she said,
"There is no mortal breathing my favour shall gain
Since my bonny light horseman in war he was slain."

If I had wings of an eagle in the air I would fly,
I would fly o'er the field where my true love does lie,
And with my fond wings I would bear on his grave,
And kiss the cold lips that lie cold in the clay.

When Boney commanded his men how to stand
And proud moved the banners all gayly and grand,
He fixed his cannon the victory to gain,
But my bonny light horseman in the war he was slain.

From Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, Creighton
No. 69. Bonny Light Horseman.
   A broadside of Waterloo.

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