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The False Lover Won Back (2)

The False Lover Won Back (2)

A fair made sat at her front door
Wringing her lily hands;
And by it came a sprightly youth
Fast tripping o'er the sands.

"Where go you, young John?" she says,
"So early in the day?
It makes me think by your fast trip
Your journey's far away."

He turned about with an awful look
And said, "What's that to you?
I'm going to see a lovely maid
More fairer far than you. "

"Now have you played me thus false
In summer amid the flowers,
I will repay you back again
In winter amid the showers.

"But never fear, dear love, for me
You may come back again.
But if you look at other girls
I'II look at other men."

But she took up her clothing fair
And after him went she.
But all he said was, "Go back again
No farther go with me."

The first town that they came to
He bought her a blazing ring;
Aud then he said, " Go back again
Aud go no more with me."

The next town that they came to
He bought her a muff and gloves
And told her to go back again
And find some other love.

The next town that they came to
His heart it grew more warm,
And he was deep in love with her
And she was over again.

The next town that they came to
He bought her a wedding gown
And made her lady of his own bowers
In sweet Berwick town.

Child #218
From Ballads and Songs, Belden
Collected from Lillian Scott, MO, 1921

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