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Jolly Young Sailor Boy

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Jolly Young Sailor Boy

Come  all you  lads and  lasses  I   pray you will attend
Unto  those  few lines I am now going to pen
It is of a brisk young sailor and he a prentice  bound.
He fell in love with a lady gay worth  thirty  thousand pounds.

It was in her father's garden beneath a willow tree,
He took her in his arms for to use her tenderly
They both sit down upon the ground for to relate their joy,
"Come when you will, you are my love still you're my bonny sailor boy."

Her old father being listening and heard what they did say
"Your love shall be transported, I'll send him far away
I'll send your love on board a ship. I'1I rob you of your joy".
'' Send  him  where  vou  will,  he  is  my  love still is my  bonny young
sailor boy."

"Oh, if I had a trumpet I would sound you my love s name, .
And if I had a pen and ink I'd write you what he is
His teeth the're whiter than the snow that falls in any clime,
When my- love sings the valley rings in one true heart of mine."

DT #745
Laws M22
From Creighton and Senior
Collected from Thomas Young

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