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The Bonnet of Blue

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The Bonnet of Blue

A ship's crew of sailors from London did steer
On a voyage to the West Indies they were bound
There is one lad among them that I wish I never knew
He is my bonny sailor lad with his jacket so blue so blue.

Very early one morning as I arose from my bed
I called for my Betsy my chief serving maid
Saying come now and dress me nice as your two hands can do
And I'll run away with my sailor lad with his jacket so blue

Now as I walked down all by the sea side
My love like the lightning away she did glide
And I for my true love oh what could I do
And away went my heart with her bonnet so blue

She says honored sailor I will be your discharge
I'll free you from a man-of-war and set you at large
And if you'll prove constant and always prove true
You'll never set a stain on my bonnet so blue

But I have a fair girl in my own country
And I never could forsake her for her poverty
For she always proved constant and always proved true
I would never set a stain on her bonnet so blue

From Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntington
Collected from the Journal of Catalpa, 1856

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