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Will You Go Boom Today?

Will You Go Boom Today?

If you fly an 89
You must be deaf, dumb and blind
For your life ain't worth a dime
What's your scheduled blow-up time?

cho: Will you go boom today?
     Will you go boom today?
     Two blew up yesterday
     We haven't lost a day.

If you fly an 86
You'll have wings like broken sticks
Suddenly you'll see a glare
You'll be pieces everywhere.

If you fly an 84
You may have a perfect score
Ten times up and ten times down
Bang! And you go underground

If you fly a 94
You will never holler more
For your lot we don't pine
It's better than an 89.

If you fly a 102
Don't go up unless it's blue
For if it feels one drop of rain
You'll have wreckage, not a plane.

From There I Was.. Flat on My Back, Stevens

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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