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Give the Boss His Due

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Give the Boss His Due
(Linda Tobochuck)

cho: Give the boss his due, but not one minute more
     For he only rents your time, not buys your soul;
     Give the boss his due, for your pride and for your crew
     But he's no friend to you, so not one minute more.

You get quarter hour for coffee, so make damn sure you go
'Cause workers of the past fought and struck to make it so
Exercise their gains or their struggles were in vain
But lest the next guy be shortchanged, take not one minute more.

Work a full day's shift, but no overtime for you
If they need a bigger job done, they should have a bigger crew
When there's thousands on UI the boss won't cut the pie
Rather work you till you die, so not one minute more.

Watch out for job enrichers, they'll try to suck you in
Industrial psychologists are bosses 'neath the skin
Do you think they'd get their way if they couldn't make it pay?
Of the speed-up games they play take not one minute more.

Don't take no stupid shortcuts and know the safety rules,
'Cause those that trusts the company to keep them safe are fools
When profits are in store, compo rules go out the door
But if you know what they're for, risk not one minute more.

Be active in your union and let your voice be heard
For if you stand alone, the boss won't hear a a single word
If you can't work safe and fair, raise a family on your share,
Stand solid and declare, "We wait not one minute more!"

copyright 1986 Linda Chobotuck of New Westminster, BC

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