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The Boss' Lament

The Boss' Lament
(Terry Dash)

1.   I don't know what to make of it, just where it all will end
     I haven't been so mortified since early 1910
     Well I've heard of war and famine, but things go really hard
     When the ladies in my office got hold of union cards

Chorus: (2x)
     Whatever will we do, whatever on this earth
     When all the secretaries demand what they are worth

2.   My girl she runs the office, you know that's what girls do
     She does her job, yes, very well and most of my job too
     But it's certainly outrageous, it's completely out of line
     When she demands a salary commensurate with mine

3.   My secretary tallies up the things that I must do
     She keeps a list of all my friends so I'll know who is who
     My lord! if she should leave me, oh how would I survive?
     I haven't made a phone call since 1945

4.   Now there's rumours of a walkout, rumours of a strike
     Rumours of a picket, a work stoppage and the like
     But I've got this survival plan in case of storm or strife
     Here's how I'll get the job done, I'll give it to my wife

5.   Well I've had about enough of this, I just can't comprehend
     Whoever do they think they are to organize like men?
     I believe in order, the tried and trusted norm
     I'll damn well see her fired if I can find the form

(to be sung slowly after last chorus)
     Wherever will they be, whereever on this earth
     If all us secretaries demand what we are worth

copyright Terry Dash

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