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Both of You

Both of You

The first time that we met, well, you swept me off my feet
I thought you were the finest man that ever I would meet
And then I saw you at the lake, as handsome as could be
I smiled and waved, but you said:  "I think you want my brother,
   dear, not me."

But you said you wouldn't mind a walk around the lake
And in the golden sunset glow, my heart began to ache
Because I felt the magic start, just as I'd felt with him
And though our feet were on dry land, my head was in a swim

   Oh, I guess I'll have to fall in love with both of you
   I can't give just one of you my heart
   I guess I'll have to fall in love with both of you
   'Cause I can't tell the two of you apart
Well, one of you is strong and kind -- the other one is, too
And each of you is twice as sweet as any one -- or two
If I were twice the woman, or if you were half the men
Then we could be a happy two -- or four -- and start again

But meantime I'm just trying to make three go into two
And half the time I'm wishing that the other one was you
But mostly I just give up and accept the way things are
And love the man who leads the band on fiddle -- and guitar


by Mark Cohen
Copyright Mark Cohen 1983

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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