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Oh! Boys Carry Me 'Long

Oh! Boys Carry Me 'Long
(Stephen C. Foster)

Oh! carry me 'long;
Der's no more trouble for me;
I's guine to roam
In a happy home
Where all de niggas am free.
I've worked long in de fields;
I've handled many a hoe;
I'll turn my eye,
Before I die,
And see de sugarcane grow.

Cho: Oh! boys, carry me long;
Carry me till I die
Carry me down
To de buryin' groun'
Massa, don't you cry

All ober de land
I've wandered many a day,
To blow de horn
And mind the corn
And keep de possum away.
No use for me now
So darkeys bury me low:
My horn is dry,
And I must lie
Wha de possum nebber can go

Farewell to de boys
Wid hearts so happy and light,
Dey sings a song
De whole day long,
And dance de jubba at night.
Farewell to de fields
Ob cotton, 'bacco, and all:
I's gwine to hoe
In a bressed row
Wha de corn grows mellow and tall.

Farewell to de hills,
De meadows covered wid green,
Old brindle Boss
And de old grey-hoss
All beaten broken and lean.
Farewell to de dog
Dat always followed me round;
Old Sancho'll wail
And droop his tail
When I am under de ground.

Copyright Stephen C. Foster, 1851

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