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Bold General Wolfe (3)

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Bold General Wolfe (3)

Bold General Wolfe to his men did say
Come lads and follow without delay
To yonder mountain that is so high
Don't be downhearted, don't be downhearted
For we'll gain the victory.

There stands the French on the summit high
While we poor souls in the valley lie
We saw them fall like bots in the sun
Through smoke and fire, through smoke and fire
All from our British guns.

The first broadside that the French did give us
Did wound our general in the left breast
Yonder he lie for he cannot stand
Yet fight on boldly, yet fight on boldly
While I live I'll have command.

Here is my treasure lies all in gold
Take it and part it for my blood runs cold
Take it and part it brave Wolfe did say
Ye lads of honour, ye lads of honour
Since you have gained the day.

When to old England you do return
Tell all my friends I am dead and gone
And bid my mother so kind and dear
No tears to shed for me, no tears to shed for me
For our lads did gain the day.

From the Copper Family Song Book

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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