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Brendan's Song

Brendan's Song
 (Jane Cassidy, tune by Shaun Davey)

 Now as darkness fills my sail
 Waves of time roll evermore
 Is there no star to guide to guide my wandering
 No midnight sun to find the shore?

 Now I will set sail
 I will give and hazard all
 For I know it's only by journeying
 I can find a peace within

 Sail the seven seas
 Journey seven years
 Suffer seven waves
 Till you find the sea of whales
 Become a paradise of birds
 And in that arctic sun
 Gaze beyond the horizon

 In retracing his pattern there
 We find a way through our despair
 Brendan's truth remains eternally
 Survives the storm of the centuries.

 Words published by Elmgrove Music, 1982
 Song recorded by Jane Cassidy,"Waves of Time", Claddagh Records, 1982
"The Brendan Voyage" recorded by Tara Record Co, 1980


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