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Breton Liberation Song

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Breton Liberation Song

1.  Un alarc'h un alarc'h tra mor (bis)
    War lein tour moal kastel ar vor

    Din din daom d'an emgann d'an emgan oh
    Din din daom d'an emgann ezan

2.  Neventi vat d'ar vretoned
    Ha molloz ru d'ar hallaowed

3.  Erru ul lestr e pleg armor
    E weliou gwenn gant an digor

4.  Digouet an ao trou yann endro
    Digouet e da ziwall e vro

5.  Enor enor ar gwe-ha-du
    Ha d'ar Francizien malloz ru.
A swan from across the sea to save the ancient castle of Armor
I too will go to battle, I too will go to fight!

Good news to the Bretons and a red curse to the French!

A boat has come from the sea, its white sails unfurled

Lord Jean has returned (!) to defend (!!) his (!!!) country

Long live the black and white flag and to the French, the red curse!

from the 15th century, when Jean duc of Brittany,
roused the people to fight the French.  He came from Wales.
This  was  the  marching song of his armies - 50  years  later  the  French
defeated the Bretons (sezzoo?) (according to the ancient pyramidic  scrolls
of the wassiname.) JB


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