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Heroes, British Heroes

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Heroes, British Heroes

We sing of those soldiers and sailors
The deeds they have done on the foam
But what of the lads that work in the mine?
Little of them do we know.

   They are heroes, British heroes
   Hearts that are true and brave
   Risking their lives for children and wives
   Down in the blackened cave
   Toiling for mere existence
   Where the sun does never shine
   Heaven protect those collier lads
   That work down in the mine

The gallant deeds of these heroes
Are deeds that no one can tell
At Pretoria Pit and Whitehaven, too
Many a brave collier fell

With scarcely a moment's warning
A cry it runs through the air
Like wildfire it spreads - the pit is on fire
With four hundred souls working there

Alas, there's no hope for those miners
No more can the rescuers do
They die just like true British heroes
For home, wife and children, too.

From Shuttle and Cage, edited by Ewan MacColl

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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