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British Man o' War

British Man o' War

It was down by Cults garden for pleasure I did stray
Twas there I spied a comely maid talking to her sailor gay
Saying Susie my love Susie I tm going to leave the shore
For to cross the briney ocean on a British Man O' War.

Then Susie fell a weeping, these words I heard her say
"You needn't be so foolish as to throv yourself away
 When at the age of 21 I will receive my store
 So change your inclination from a British Man O' War."

O Susie, lovely, Susie, the truth to you I'll tell
 The British flag is insulted and old England knows it well
 You may be crowned with laurels or some other jolly tar
But I'll face the walls of China on a British Man O' War.

Oh, my love Willie, don't face those bold Chinese
For they will prove so treacherous, as any Portuguese
And by some sword or dagger you may receive a scar
Jolly sailor, do not venture On a British Man O' War

O Susie, lovely, Susie, the time has come at last
For to go down to yonder pub and drink a parting glass
My shipmates, they are waiting to row me from the shore
For to cross the briney ocean on a British Man O' War.

Willie took out his handkerchief, he tore it straight in two
Saying half of this I'll keep myself, and the other I'll give to you
When bellows they surround me and the cannons loudly roar
Then I'll fight for England's glory on a British Man O' War.

A few more words; were spoken and then they both shook hands
The sailors gently manned their oars and quickly rowed from land
And Willie waved his handkerchief till they were far from shore
Saying farewell my lovely Susie from a British Man O' War.

From the singing of the Kenny Family from Kitchuses, NFLD
Tune to be supplied by Vincent Kenny of Brooklyn, NY

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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