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Rancher of BC

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Rancher of Bc

When the half-baked remittance man comes to the West
Arrayed in short pants, which he thinks suits him best,
He parades around town, while he takes a short rest
Ere assuming the role of a rancher.

Role, role, role of a rancher, A rancher of B.C.

Now all you remittance men, listen to me
And I'll give you some pointers as far as I may
Which might make you a rancher if you will obey,
A rancher that's fit for a rancher.

Fit, fit, fit for a rancher, etc.

First, mind you don't stay in Victoria long;
The water is bad and the liquor is strong,
And as you must drink something, you're sure to go wrong,
And spoil your success as a rancher.

'Cess,'cess,'cess as a rancher, etc.

Take advice if you buy a fine ranch by a stream,
Don't leave for trout fishing your cows and your cream,
But make butter and wealth beyond your greediest dream,
Which is far the best plan for a rancher.

Plan, plan, plan for a rancher, etc.

If when riding your bronco he starts in to buck,
And you fear if you fall by his hoofs you'll be struck,
Throw your arms round his neck, man, and trust to your luck,
If you can't keep your seat like a rancher.

Seat, seat, seat like a rancher, etc.

If in hunting for deer on some lone mountain top
Across a big bear you should happen to drop,
Just climb the first tree and be sure there to stop
Till assistance arrives for the rancher.

 'Rives,'rives, 'rives for the rancher, etc.

If after long striving on Vancouver's plains
You find that your debts are the whole of your gains
Go up to the Klondike with the cash that remains,
And get better off than a rancher.

Off, off, off than a rancher, etc.

From Songs of the Pacific Northwest, Thomas

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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