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The Bricklayer's Dream

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The Bricklayer's Dream

A brick-laying boy, coming home from his work,
A young damsel appeared in his sight,
"Oh! Sally love, said he, come and sit you down by me,
And I'll tell you what I dreampt about last night,
And I'll tell you what I dreampt about last night."

She came to a full stop with a smile on her cheeks
She came to a full stop, saying, "No!
I am going down for the cow and I cannot stay now
So I pray you, young man, let me go."

Oh! They both sat down together 'neath a green shady tree
Where the green leaves they are pleasant to be seen,
And what they done there she never would declare,
But she had the contents of his dream.

Then they both went off together the cow for to fetch
And so nimbly tripped over the plain;
She said, "My Jimmy sweet, the next time we do meet
You may tell me your dream over again."

From Marrow Bones, Purslow
Collected from Daniel Wigg, and Preston Cadover, Hants, 1907

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