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The Baron o' Brackley (3) (#203)

The Baron o' Brackley (3) (#203)

 From Dee side came Inverey whistlin' and playin'
 And he is to Brackley's yetts ere the day is dawnin'
 Saying, Baron O'Brackley oh are ye within?
 There are sharp swords to knock your yetts, to gar your bluid spin

 Oh rise up my husband and turn back your kye
 For the men frae (Donnywhistle) are driving them by
 Oh how might I rise up and turn them again
 For every man I ha'e I am sure he ha'e ten

 Gin I had a husband the like I have nane
 He'd no lie in his bed and watch his kye ta'en
 Then up spake the baron, said gi'e me my sword
 There's nae a man in Scotland but I'll brave at a word

 Then the baron were buskit to ride o'er the close
 A gallanter Gordon ne'er mounted a horse
 Saying, kiss me, my Peggy, dinna think me tae blame
 For I maun go oot, love, and I'll never come hame

 There rode wi' false Inverey full thirty and three
 But along wi' bonny Brackley just his brother and he
 Twa gallanter Gordons did ne'er the sword draw
 But against three and thirty, wae's me, what is twa?

 Wi' swords and wi' daggers they did him surround
 And they pierced bonny Brackley wi' monys a wound
 Tae the banks o the Dee, tae the sides of the Spey
 Oh the Gordons will mourn him and will ban Inverey

 Oh came ye from Brackley's yetts, oh came ye by there?
 And saw ye his Peggy a-rivin' her hair
 Aye, I came by Brackley's yetts, I came by there
 And I saw his bonny Peggy she was makin' good cheer

 She was rantin', she was dancin', she was singin' wi' joy
 And she swears ilka nicht she will feast Inverey
 And she laughed wi' him danced wi' him, welcomed him ben
 And lay wi' him till morning he who slew her good man

 There's grief in the kitchen, there's mirth in the hall
 For the Baron o Brackley lies dead and awa'
 But oot spake his young son on his nurse's knee
 Gin I grow to be a man 'tis revenged I'll be

Here is another version of 'The Baron O' Brackley' - one of the greatest of all
the ballads. The text is from the singing of Danny Spooner of Melbourne and it d
iffers in significant respects from the two in the DT. As the DT note indicates,
 the texts of this ballad all appear to be conflated. This text has bits and pie
ces from the various Child texts (#203) and from other sources. However, I recko
n it is the most coherent and satisfying text that I have heard for singing in a
 folk club setting. Like most traditional ballads, it has no preamble and assume
s that the listener knows the background to the story. It is believed the incide
nt occurred in September 1666, but what the ballad does not tell us is that it i
s a reprisal raid by John Farquharson of

 Source: 'Danny Spooner and Friends' Anthology AR 002

Child #203

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