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Oh, Brandy, Leave Me Alone

Oh, Brandy, Leave Me Alone

CHO:  Oh, brandy, leave me alone,
      Oh, brandy, leave me alone,
      Oh, brandy, leave me alone:
      Remember, I must go home.

 My sweetheart would never know me
 If she could only see me now,
 With a drink in my hand,
 And a frown on my brow.


 I tried talking to her father
 To put a good word in for me,
 But her father said,
"No, sir, You're no son for me."


THe song you are looking for is O BRANDEWYN LAAT MY STANN The book is
 Suid-Afrika se eie Lieddjies= South Africa's own songs The problem is
 that they only give the chorus as follows and none of the verses. Over there
 it is one of the old trad songs equal to On Top of Old Smokey [AS]

 O brandewyn laat my Staan (3x)
want ek wil nou Huis toe Gaan

 THis translates as
O Brandy wine let me stand
what I will now house to go
 [ I now want to go home]


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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