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Bringing Johnny Home

Bringing Johnny Home
(Joe Babcock)

Oh! the thousandth boy has fallen
Johnny Hewlett was his name
Now his country was not perfect
Oh! but he loved it just the same
Now we'll all go out to meet him
He's a hero in our town
But he had to die to prove it to
The folks that held him down.

cho: (Oh! they're bringing Johnny home today
     He'll be laid away to rest)
     With a flag across his coffin
     And a medal on his chest
     (He's going back to fields of cotton
     Though he tried to get away)
     Oh! but we feel a little different
     Bringing Johnny home today.

He left to see the world
And get away from this old town
Guess he thought the color of his skin
Just sorta held him down
He went into the Army
Yes, they said they'd take him in
But that Viet Cong bullet did not mind
The color of his skin.

Recorded by Freddie Hart

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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