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Bring 'em Down (2)

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Bring 'em Down (2)

In Liverpool I was born!
     Bring `em down,
London is me home from home!
     Bring `em down!

Them Rotherhite girls, they look so fine,
They're never a day  behind their time!

It's around Cape Horn we go,
All through the ice and snow!

Up the coast to Vallipo,
Northward to Callao

Them Vallipo girls I do admire,
They set your riggin' all afire!

Them Vallipo girls puts on a show,
They waggles their arse with a roll and go!

It's back again to Liverpool,
I spent me pay like a bloody fool!

I'm Liverpool born and Liverpool bred,
Long in the arm and thick in the head!

Rock and roll me over, boys,
Let's get this damn job over, boys!

Reportedly composed by Bert Lloyd--a good song whover wrote it. RG
Recorded by Killen, LLoyd.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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