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The Brookfield Murder

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The Brookfield Murder

The Brookfield murder has come to light
By a young man rather short of sight;
Joe Buzzell he hired and drove youing Cook
To shoot the girl, so it seems to look.

She sued for damage which if he'd paid
Would have saved the time while in jail he laid.
But he with murder born in his heart
Soon caused young Susan to depart.

On Monday evening as we tell,
Miss Susan Hanson was known full well,
Sat at her table doing some work,
She little thought death so near did lurk.

The thief and murderer with gun in hand
Beside the house outside did stand.
Discharged his gun through windowpane,
And thus the promised bride was slain.

It was a dreadful shock to the aged mother,
The lamp was lit by the son and brother.
There lay the daughter once so fair
In death cold arms and bloodstained hair.

No farewell words to her friends could say,
But shot dead on the floor did lay.
So young and fair and in life's bloom,
To be hurried away so soon to the tomb.

Come, all young ladies, a warning take,
And shun such reptiles for Susan's sake.
For he who shot this lady gay,
Would burn your home while in bed you lay.

From Folk Songs of Old New England, Linscott
Collected from Winifred Allard Piper,  and Dana Cate, both of New

note: The crime was committed in 1847. Apparently, Susan Hanson sued Joseph
     Buzzel for breach of promise. Buzzel, angered, hired a half-wit,
     Charles Cook, to kill her. Buzzel was hanged; Cook got life
     imprisonment.  RG
DT #667
Laws F8

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