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The Brisk Young Farmer

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The Brisk Young Farmer

I will tell you of a brisk young farmer
Whose credit was reknowned,
He courted as fair an' as handsome a lady,
As ever lived in Moscow town.

An' when his parents came to know this
They were very angry an' did say
We will send him across the wildest ocean
Where her face he no more will see.

He sailed the ocean over an' over
Till he landed on his own native shore
Saying, "If Molly is alive an' I can find her
I will make her my lawful bride.

It was so early in the morning
As he was walkin' down the street
Cold drops of rain fell as it happened
THat his true love he chanced to meet.

"Good mornin', good mornin', my pretty fair miss
It's can you fancy me?
"No my fancy is placed on a brisk young farmer
Who has gone to cross the sea."

"Describe him, describe him," says this young man,
"Describe him unto me
Perhaps I had a chance to now him
For I have lately crossed the sea."

"He is proper and he is handsome
And also slim and tall,
His hair is dark an' he wears it curly
An' them pretty blue eyes are best of all."

"I guess I saw him an' I knew him
His name was William Hall
I saw a French cannon-ball shot through him
An' to his death I saw him fall."

Oh the screams of this fair miss
Cries, "Oh Lord what shall I do?
Now we are parted and broken-hearted
Oh my heart will break in two."

"Cheer up, cheer up, my pretty fair miss
Cheer up, cheer up," says he,
"Now to convimce you of my story
Here's the ring you gave to me."

They joined their hands lovely together
An' to the church they then did go,
An' this fair couple was lawfully married
Whether their parents were willin' or no.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Vada Largent and Lee Stephens, MO 1928
DT #458
Laws N30

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