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Bright Phoebe

Bright Phoebe

Bright Phoebe was my true love's name
As fair a girl as ever was seen
As fair a girl as ever was seen
If you'd travel the wide world over

She and I, we did agree
That married in shortly we would be
As soon as I returned from sea
We would settle that solemn bargain

But before I did return from sea
My lovely damsel they had slain from me
The pride and glory of my heart
In the cold grave lies molderin'

I am forsaken, I am forlorn
I wish to God I'd 'a' never been born
I'd died before the billows' roar
Since fortune have proved uncruel

I will go down to some silent place
Where no other man shall behold my face
I'll spend the remainder of my days
Lamenting for bright Phoebe

traditional Newfoundland

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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