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Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes

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Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes

"Willie, oh Willie, I love you
Love you with all my heart;
Tomorrow we might have been married,
But liquor has kept us apart."

cho: Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
     Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
     Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
     I'll never love blue eyes again .

"Seven long years l've been married,
l wish l was single again;
A woman never knows of her troubles
Until she has married a man."

Down to the barroom he staggered,
Staggered and fell at the door;
The last words that he ever uttered,
"l'll never get drunk any more."
   (or I'll never see brown eyes no more)

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Kathleen Oxford, Arkansas, 1941
Recorded by Jimmy Wakely, Roy Acuff, Alton Delmore, Arthur Smith etc.


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