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Brown Girl

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Brown Girl

When first to this country I came as a stranger
I placed my affection on a handsome young dame
She being young and tender, her waist neat and slender
She appeared like a goddess or some Grecian queen.

On the banks of our river where I first beheld her
She was neat, tall, and handsome, and comely also,
Her eyes shone like diamonds, her hair gently waving,
Her cheeks were like roses or blood upon snow.

It was her cruel father who caused a disturbance
Because she belonged to a higher degree,
But I am determined love all for to gain you
Although I belong to a low familee.

She cried, "Charming Johnny don't be melancholy
Although I belong to a higher degree,
There is no other creature shall e'er gain my favour,
On the banks of the Burlow I 'll wander with thee."

"And since I have gained you, my bride I will make you,
I'll put rings on your fingers, gold locks in your hair.
With diamonds and pearls I'll deck my brown girl,
In all sorts of grandeur I'll deck you, my dear."

My name is Delaney, no blemish can shame me,
I might have had riches had I stayed at home,
But through gambling and sporting, night walking and courting
Was the cause of my ruin and absence from home.

DT #673
Laws O2
From Creighton, Maritime Folk Songs
Sung by Mr. Bernard Young, East Petpeswick, N.S., August,1951.

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