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Mother, is the Battle Over? (2)

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Mother, is the Battle Over? (2)

"Mother, is the battle over?
THousands have been slain, they say.
Is my father come? and tell me
Has the army gained the day?"

"Is he well or is he wounded?
Mother, do you think he's slain?
If he is, pray will you tell me
Will my father come again?"

"Mother, I see you always sighing
Since that paper last you read;
Tell me why you are crying:
Is my dearest father dead?"

"Yes, my boy, your noble father
Is one numbered with the slain;
Though he loves me very dearly
Ne'er on earth we'll meet again."

"Fighting for the glorious Union
Like a hero he is slain;
Still the day may not be distant
When in heaven we'll meet again."

From Folk Songs of the South, Cox
Note:  equally popular in the North and (without the last  verse)
     the South.

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