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My Love is a Rider

My Love is a Rider

My love is a rider, wild broncos he breaks
But he's promised to stop it and just for my sake
He ties up one foot and the saddle puts on
With a skip and a jump he is mounted and gone

The first time I saw him was early one spring
He was riding a bronco, a high-headed thing
He tipped me a wink as he gaily did go
For he wished me to look at his bucking bronco

The next time I saw him was late in the fall
He was swinging the ladies at Tomlinson's hall
We laughed and we talked as we danced to and fro
He promised never to ride on another bronco

He made me a present, among them a ring
But that which I gave him was a far better thing
'Twas a young maiden's heart, and I want you to know
He won it while riding his bucking bronco

Come all you young maidens, where'er you reside
Beware of the cowboy who swings the rawhide
He'll court you and then he will leave you and go
Up the trail in the spring on his bucking bronco


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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