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Buck o' Kingwatter

Buck o' Kingwatter
(Robert Anderson)

 When I was single I rid a feyne naig
 And was caw'd the Buck o' King Watter, *
 Now the cwoat o' my back has got but ae sleeve
 And my breeks are a in a tatter.

 CHO:     Sing Oh! The lasses! The lazy lasses,
     Keep frae the lasses o' Branton,
     I ne'er wad hae married, that day I married
     But I was young, feulish and wanton.

 I courtet a lass an angel I thowt-
 She's noo turn'd a picture ov evil;
 She geapes, yen may coont ivry tuith in her heed,
 An bawls fit to freeten the deevil.

 To-day she slipt oot, some 'bacco to buy,
 An bade me meynd rock the cradle;
 I cowpt owre asleep, but suin she corn in,
 An then brak mey heed wi' the ladle.

 I ne'er hed a neart to hannel a gun,
 Or I'd run away an leave her,
 She pretens to win purns ** but that's aw fun,
 They say she's owre keynd wi' the weaver.

 I dinnerless gang ae hawf o' the week;
 If we get a bit collop on Sunday,
 She cuts me nee mair ner wad physic a sneype;
 Then we've tateys an point, on Monday.

 Tho' weary o'leyfe, wid' a guid-fer-nowt weyfe,
 I wish I cud git sec anudder,
 An then I cud give the deevil the teane,
 For teakin away the tudder!

 Keep frae the lasses o' Branton!
 I ne'er wad hae married, the day I married,
 But I was young, feulish, an wanton.

 * The river King near Gilsland.
 ** Purn-(l) a Quil or Reed (2) the yarn wound on a Reed.
 Theme: A far from kind commentary upon the qualities of the ladies of Branton
(Brampton - a market town to the east of Carlisle).
 Tune - The Breckans O' Branton


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