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The Bug-Eye

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The Bug-Eye

 Oh the bug-eyed Sprite is the car for me
 Goes zero to sixty in three point three

 In a Bug-Eye
 Where's the heater on a Bug-Eye?
 Steady on the clutch of a Bug-Eye, oh
 I want the Bug-Eye Sprite

 Well it's fast and straight and steady in the curve
 If you've got the guts it's got the nerve, in your Bug-eye...

 I thought I heard my girlfriend say
 That she'd go for a ride most any day, in a...

 In a bug-eyed Sprite you can have great fun
 But there's not enough room to get it on, in a...

 I stripped the gears and I popped the clutch
 At the end of the ride she thanked me much, in my...

 Well nine long months had just passed by
 When she came to me with a little Bug-Eye, in a...

 And now the saddest part I'll tell
 My little Bug-eye I had to sell, and a...

 So now I'm married, I'm a family man
 And I ride around in a beat-up van, not a...


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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