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The Bugs Marched Down the Aisle

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The Bugs Marched Down the Aisle

Order: Diptera mosquitoes and blackflies
(Tune: "Battle Hymn of Republic:)

The mosquitoes wore tuxedos and the blackflies wore black ties
The bride she was a spide and the groom he was a snake
They were going to a wedding in my Aunt Lucy's bedding
And she was the wedding cake.

cho: Glory, Glory Hallelujah
     You don't feel itchy, Auntie, do ya?
     Glory glory hallelujah
     The bugs marched down the aisle.

The little honeymooners were nice and cozy in her bloomers
And the guests all took their places in Aunt Lucy's pillowcases
The little beasts had such a feast, the danced and flew and soared
All while Aunt Lucy snored.

Repeat chorus


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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