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Bullfrog King

Bullfrog King
(Bert Maine)

C            Em   Am       C         F               G        C
I went for a walk late one night and talked with the bullfrog king
C                 Em           Am        C
F     G     C
He told me of the moon and the big green pond and several other things
     F                      Em                        D7                G
I've talked with many, many fascinating lads and it's been most interesting
        C         Em              Am         C             F
But the very best tales that I've ever heard spun were the ones from the
    G        C     F G C Em Am C F G C
    Bullfrog King

He told me once he saw a fly so fine and fat and sweet
With color bright twas such delight that he declined to eat
Instead he said, Dear Mr. Fly, You've made my very day
And the poor fly did a double take and promptly flew away
He spoke with horror of Julia Child and he made a hasty wish
That she'd keep her damned old lemon sauce for exclusive use with fish
He added that one of his relatives had once passed on flambe
But as for himself, he really would prefer to croak in the usual way

As we chatted, he was sitting on his throne, a fine green leafy pad
Made broad swipes with a cattail scepter he inherited from his dad
His royal clothes were impeccably cut and they fit him nice and neat
He was one of those kings who is so very much a king that you didn't notice
     his bare feet

The evening passed so quickly, it was time for me to leave
And as I turned to go, the bullfrog king, he royally caught my sleeve
He said, It's been so pleasant, he was sad it had to end
eant to show you, (that) you should been at home   Instead
He asked me please to bring you along when I come back again

From singing of Ed Britt

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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