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Bushes and Briars

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Bushes and Briars

Through bushes and briars
I've lately made my way
All for to hear the small birds sing
And the lambs to skip and play
All for....

I overheard a female*
Her voice it rang** so clear
Long time have I*** been waiting for
The coming of my dear
Long time....

Sometimes I am weary****
And troubled in my mind
Sometimes I think I'll go to him*****
And tell to him my mind.

But if I should go to my love
My love he would say nay
If I showed to him my boldness
He'd ne'er love me again
If I showed...

Through bushes...

* or: my own true love
** or: was so clear
*** or: I have
**** or: uneasy
***** or: my love
****** or: show to him

Note: The song was overhead by Vaughan-Williams in 1905 whilst in
Essex.  He persuaded the singer, a Mr. Potipher, to let him take it
down.  It is supposedly the song which kindled VW's interest in folk
music and led to the modern folk revival. PA

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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