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Lish Young Buy-a-Broom

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Lish Young Buy-A-Broom

As he was a-traveling the North Country
Near to Kirby Stephen he happened for to be
As he was a-walking up and down the street
A pretty little buy-a-broom he chanced for to meet

  And she was right, he was tight
  Every girl shall have her way
  It was the lish young buy-a-broom
  That led him astray

She kindly then invited him to go along the way
'Yes', it was the answer to her that he did say
Him and his music walking down the street
And her with her tambourine beating hands and feet

He treated her to a brandy, he treated her to beer
He kissed her and he cuddled her and called her his dear
She treated him to whiskey, she treated him to rum
And said, "My gay young fellow, you can play my little drum"

Now straightway out to Kendal they steered, her and him
Over yon green mountain, the weather it was grim
They each had a bottle filled up to the top
And whenever they were feeling dry, they took a little drop

With night a-coming on, good lodgings they did find
Eatables of all sorts and plenty of good wine
Good bed and blankets just for the two
And he rolled her in his arms, my boys, and wouldn't you do, to?

Then early the next morning they rose to go away
He called to the landlord to see what was to pay
He said fourteen and sixpence, just for you two
And a sovereign on the table his darling she threw

And when they got to Kendal, the weather it was fine
They'd velvet caps with tassels on, fine buckles they did shine
They each had a ribbon hanging down their backs
And she had nineteen golden sovereigns, his darling, in her sack

The reason that they parted, I mean for you to hear
She wanted him to go to France for to be her dear
But him not being willing to cross the stormy sea
Said "Good luck to my darling, wherever she may be"

Collected and collated by Geoff Wood
recorded by Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, Folk Songs of Old England

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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